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Have a great time at these annual Tryavna events and festivals

National Holiday

On March 3rd Bulgaria celebrates the National Liberation Day. Join us at the Old Square for the annual ceremony.

Living traditions - strong roots

Living traditions - strong roots is a festival of folk dance groups and takes place in April. It welcomes all horo-lovers. Horo is a traditional circle dance. Get involved.

Tryavna Platchkovtsi 44

"Tryavna Platchkovtsi 44" is an off-road event in April, which unofficially marks the beginning of a series of off-road events. It welcomes the extreme sport lovers and lasts for 4 days.

Horse Easter

The event is a horse competition. The horse riders are challenged on St Theodores Day.

Woodcarving Days

The woodcarving event takes place around St Georges Day and lasts for 5 days. The Event consists of open-air workshops, competitions of master woodcarvers, woodcarving displays, music and much more.

Museum Night

Each year the Museum Night takes place in a different museum and offers a different program around May 18th.

Trabant Fest

The Trabant Fest takes place in May. It is an annual event and a parade, featuring a display of different models of the popular car, produced years ago in the former Eastern Germany.

Feast of Tryavna

The Feast of Tryavna is a traditional fair with plenty of music, food and beer. It takes place before and on Trinity Sunday (Eastern Orthodoxy).

National Slaveykov Days

National Slaveykov Days is a 4-day festival, which takes place at the beginning of June or end of May. It is the biggest cultural event throughout the year and is held under the patronage of the President of Bulgaria.

Tryavna Ultra

"Tryavna Ultra" is an ultra-marathon taking place in July. The event is for the ones who love running. There really is something for everybody from professional runners (23, 76 141 km) to amateurs (3 km).

International Folklore Festival

International Folklore Festival in July. Beautiful tints and colours, hot rhythms and new participants each year. Folk groups parade, music and dance in abundance.

Lets Rock the Mountains

Lets Rock the Mountains is a festival of folklore groups and clubs taking place in the town of Platchkovtsi in July.

Tryavna Art Fest

Tryavna Art Festival end of July or beginning of August. The festival program includes concerts, master classes and film shows.

Feast of the Town of Platchkovtsi

The Feast of the Town of Platchkovtsi takes place around St. Elijahs Day (Aug 2nd). The event is a traditional fair with music and raffle prizes.

Join the Circle Dance of Belitsa

Join the Circle Dance of the village of Belitsa in August. The national Folkdance Fair takes place on the village glade.

Theatre Festival

Theatre Festival in September - 4 different performances of 4 different theatre clubs during 4 days.

Christmas and New Year Celebrations

Christmas and New Year Celebrations in December. Lets celebrate together on the Old Town Square.

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