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Tryavnaís Town Square

Tryavna has preserved the only set-piece square in Bulgaria representing the National Revival period. The square is named after Captain Dyado Nikola.

The unique feature of Tryavnaís town square is its fully original appearance, exactly the way it looked centuries back. All buildings around the square reveal the character of the Bulgarian Revival. The square links the Old School, St. Michael the Archangelís Church, the Clock Tower and the Arch Bridge.

The Old Street

It is possibly the best preserved National Revival street in Bulgaria. The matchless Daskalovís House with the ceilings of the never setting-suns is there.

You pass by small shops and cast inquisitive looks into the local craftsmenís workshops. This is a place of woodcarvers, furriers and leather artisans, icon painters and potters, and cats basking in the sunÖ

Popangelovís House

Its owner was Priest Angel. The house is the oldest architectural monument in Tryavna. The legends tell about Vasil Levski, Bulgariaís most legendary hero, visiting the house.

The Clock Tower

The Clock Tower was built in 1814 and is the emblem of Tryavna. The beautiful melody that it plays measures time, and the way it sets the rhythm of living is fascinating.

The Old Bridge

The Old Bridge is another symbol of Tryavnaís heritage. Visitors will never miss to take a walk to the bridge and shoot some nice pictures.

Built in 1844-1845, the Bridge is one of the testimonies of Dimitar Sergyovís talent and skills. He was a Trtavna-born master-builder and the only one awarded the title of architecton by the Ottoman authorities.

Kachaunska Mahala

The area has been recognized as part of Tryavnaís cultural heritage since 1979. Its picturesque narrow streets keep the charming air of romance from the Revival period.

St. Georgeís Church

It was built in 1848-1852 by Dimitar Sergyov. The iconostasis and the icons were made by local artists.

St. Archangel Michaelís Church

The church is right in the town centre and is recognized as national cultural heritage. Its interior is an impressive example of the Tryavna School of Woodcarving and Icon Painting.

Church of the Assumption of the Virgin

The church is a national monument built by Usta (ďmasterĒ) Dimitar Sergyov. The iconostasis was made by one of Tryavnaís most prominent icon painters.

St. Iliya the Prophet Church in the town of Plachkovtsy

Built in the beginning of XX century.

St. Dimitar Church Ė village of Skortsy


Built in 1876 byUsta Gencho Kanev.

St. Dimitar Church - village of Neykovtsy

Built in the beginning of XX century.

St. Iliya the Prophet Church - village of Stanchov Han

Built in the second part of XIX century.

St. Dimitar Church - village of Fureftsy


Built in the second part of XIX century. Some of the original icons are treasured in the church.

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