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The crest of Tryavna has been developed in two basic forms small and big. The small one is a four-part Spanish shield. The four fields (left, right, top and bottom) depict the following heraldic figures:
1st right heraldic field
- white (silver) graphic letter sign T, symbolizing the name of the town, the background colour is red;

- the year 1565 in yellow (gold)when the name of the town is officially mentioned in the historical documents.
2nd left heraldic field.
Two white (silver) architectural monuments, representing the rich historical heritage of Tryavna, blue background:
- The Clock Tower, built in 1814;
- The Stone Bridge next to the Tower, built in 1848.

3rd right heraldic field - a fantastic animal in yellow, holding two white tools (brush and chisel), symbolizing human pursuit of the Devine in the works of the Tryavna icon-painters and wood-carvers, blue background;
4th left heraldic field yellow (gold) lion, symbolizing the dignified and public-spirited people of Tryavna.
The big part comprises the following elements:

1. A small central part in a symmetric composition.

2. Two white pigeons on two acanthus twigs, holding the four-part Spanish shield. The pigeons symbolize both the Christian and the enlightenment spirit of the generations of Tryavna. The green acanthus twigs symbolize the fresh Balkan nature of the resort.

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